Now that spring has sprung it’s time to check out the wonder and magic of the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s Imaginary Worlds, showcasing 28 giant topiarylike structures that are bigger and better than ever with nine new characters joining the cast of topiary characters that have been repositioned and refreshed. Along with the new exhibit the side of the Great Lawn features the works of Philip Haas in his series of four portraits busts called The Four Seasons that tower more than  15-feet tall each. This work is inspired by the 16th century creations of Italian Renaissance painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo. I had the opportunity to tour the Garden recently with Garden’s President Mary Pat Matheson. Travel with me through my pictures but plan to take a tour of your own. Exhibition scheduled until October.


The unicorn from the 2013 exhibit has been repositioned and refreshed with new plants and flowers including Christmas tree, Splash Select Pink, Crèam and Ponytails.


Unicorn Close-up

A close-up of the Unicorn shows the detail of its face and mane.



To increase awareness of global amphibians populations declines, frogs from the Gardens Amphibians Conservation Program were selected as inspiration for these frog sculptures.




This is one of four giant Frogs at home in the native Conservation Garden.


Atlanta Skyline from Garden

A beautiful Atlanta skyline is visible from the Frog sculpture in the Conservation Garden with pond.


Bull Frog

A bull frog sculpture rests in the Garden’s lily pond. While actual bull frogs exist in the gardens they are not indigenous to Georgia.


Bull Frog in Pond

Look closely as a real bull frog peeks out for a picture.



The Perennial Garden host the Orangutans, resplendent in gloriously shaggy coats of orange-brown sedges. One ape “hangs” from a Japanese Snowbell Tree, while its companion sits sedately within a flowering tapestry of summer colors that complements their fur.


Four Seasons Maquettes

The four maquettes were modeled for Philip Haas’s monumental sculptures “The Four Seasons” adjacent the Great Lawn. Haas’s portrait bust re-imagine the paintings of celebrated 16th century Italian Renaissance master Giuseppe Arcimblado.


Philip Haas's "Spring"

Philip Haas’s The Four Seasons: Spring


Philip Haas's The Four Seasons: Summer

Philip Haas’s The Four Seasons: Summer


Philip Haas's "Autumn"

Philip Haas’s The Four Seasons: Autumn


Philip Haas's "Winter"

Philip Haas’s The Four Seasons: Winter



Atlanta Skyline from Gardens

Another beautiful Atlanta skyline from the Conservation Garden before entering the east side of the Conservancy.


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