Tim and I had a fun day at Scott Antique Market last Saturday. We walked both the north and south side exhibit halls. The exhibitor attendance seemed a bit lower than the previous month but last month a lot of exhibitors came to Atlanta anticipating increased attendance during a decorator event of some sort that was in town. We saw a lot of cool lamps and tables and an exhibitor that recycles various construction products like pipe fittings into mirrors. One outdoor exhibitor had reproduction French wine jugs that you could purchase with and without the wood crate. They varied in shades of green and were about 21.5” high. I purchased one for a negotiated rate of $80 to accent a table in my upstairs foyer (see photo below). It looks fabulous. I could see them in a group of three for a larger accessories grouping. The unique piece we found was a framed vintage French bathing suit from Antique on Holiday, Destin, Florida (see photo below, but sorry, vendor has no website). It was a bit pricey at $395 so it didn’t come home with us. We’ll miss the market in September but will try to catch it in October.

Framed vintage French bathing suit

Framed vintage French bathing suit

A reproduction of an antique French wine jug

Scott Antique Market

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