Business: Chickin Feed, LLC -

Business Woman: Leslie Grant, President and “Mother Hen”

Description of Business: Leslie Grant wanted a better way to keep up with what her children were eating (or not eating) every day. She took one of the most basic food nutrition guides out there—the “food guide pyramid”— and broke it down into component parts. Then she creatively designed a chart (not anything like those awful food pyramid charts) that could be placed on the refrigerator. Leslie knew it had to be functional, educational, and fun for children. She put it to work on her home fridge where the entire family could see it every time they made a choice about what to eat and voilá, the Chickin Feed Nutrition Tracking Board was hatched in 2007. The Chickin Feed Nutrition Tracking Board works by providing two identical food columns with movable magnetic chicks. Children are involved in tracking their food choices by determining What They Need to eat and then they move their chicks to What They’ve Had to eat column. It becomes a very effective “game” for moms and children. The Chickin Feed Nutritional Tracking Board comes in a variety of colors (to match your kitchen) and costs about $30.00. Other accessories and line extensions items available.

Wendy’s personal note: I don’t have children but was so impressed with Leslie and the chart when I first learned about it that I purchased one for my sister who has a four-year-old daughter who’s a finicky eater. I’ve always been impressed with the fact that someone can take a basic idea (in this case the food guide pyramid) and make it better, easier, educational, and fun.

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