Jennifer has a secret. She’s a powerful attorney at a downtown Atlanta law firm, coach of her daughter’s soccer team, room mother in her son’s classroom, and a sexy, sassy lady. And she’s also a holiday diva.

Holiday Diva

For this year’s holiday party the halls will be decked, the turkey will be trimmed and the kids will be bathed and dressed, happily munching on gingerbread men. When guests arrive to the party they marvel at her beautifully decorated home, delectable goodies and how beautifully put-together she looks — right down to her impeccably manicured nails.

Guests wonder, “How does she do it all?” Jennifer’s secret is The Well-Organized Woman.

Claire Kurtz, The Well-Organized Woman, is an Atlanta midtown-based certified personal assistant who helps professional women and men increase their quality of life through organization, timesaving techniques, and personal assistance.

Behind the scenes, The Well-Organized Woman, tackles Jennifer’s holiday to-do list: addressing and sending holiday party invitations, shopping for holiday meals, selecting and buying corporate gifts, even making holiday travel plans. Jennifer believes that life should be spent doing the things you love; The Well-Organized Woman does the rest.

Thanks to The Well-Organized Woman, Jennifer can prepare for her big deposition with plenty of time to spare for her holiday ski vacation, baking holiday cookies for her son’s class party, and hosting her annual New Year’s party. Do you want to be a holiday diva or buy a gift card for a diva to be? Then visit The Well-Organized Woman or contact Claire Kurtz at 678.389.WOW.1.

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