Pantygram your Valentine

Guys have it easy on Valentine’s Day — they can buy flowers, candies, jewelry — but we girls have a much more difficult time. What do we buy? OK guys, don’t read further. Girls, what about a Pantygram!? Pantygrams ( take Valentine’s Day to a whole new creative



and sexy level by enabling any woman to send a pair of red, lacy panties to her man. Your special guy receives the item in a discreet package (frequently at work) with a note attached that directs your guy to a Web page where he enters the verification code and gains access to a private, with a personalized message from you. Pantygrams help you with message ideas ranging from mild to exotic. This will be a Valentine’s Day present your special guy won’t soon forget. Reminder: Valentine’s Day is less than three weeks away so order soon.

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  1. gift ideas for men says:

    A pantygram? Cool! Perfect gift idea for my boyfriend. It’s cool to see what other users find interesting.

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