Cracker Barrel sells unique candies and snacks that make great stocking stuffers.

If you’re traveling before the holidays and still need to help Santa fill your family’s stockings then here are some ideas to consider while you’re traveling. Pick up gift cards along the way because they’re always a great idea for any one at any age and you’ll find a large selection of retailers and restaurantswhether you’re traveling by car or planeon almost any interstate exit or in airport terminals. If you buy gift cards in a small dollar amount then you can include several cards for the recipient’s favorite spots. Most new magazine subscriptions are inexpensive and a great stocking stuffer idea. If you stop by any convenient store to bookstore along the way, just buy the current issue and fill out one of many ”blow in” insert subscription cards and mail it from the road (the postage is usually prepaid). Now it wouldn’t be Christmas if stockings didn’t have some sweets and treats. If traveling by car you’ll see Cracker Barrel restaurants all along the way. Pop into any Cracker Barrel Old Country Store for a great selection of unique candies and snacks that you won’t find at a regular grocery store. Also, if you’re traveling with child consider items that will keep them entertained during the trip to grandma’s or the trip home with games, CDs and books-on-audio, also available at Cracker Barrel. Safe travels no matter how you’re traveling.

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