It’s a Valentine’s Day gift he won’t forget when you Send A Pantygram

OK ladies, Valentine’s Day is just three weeks away, and back by popular demand from last year when we introduced you to this, so why not be sexy and creative and Send a Pantygram? What’s a pantygram? When you order and select a delivery date, your special guy receives a lacy pair of heart-shaped red panties in a discreet black package (frequently at work) with an anonymous note attached that directs him to a Web page where he enters a verification code and gains access to a private, personalized message to learn that the package is from you. Send a Pantygram even helps you message ideas that ranges from mild to exotic. Then when he’s opened your online message you’ll get an automatic email message that he’s read, so you’ll know when to expect his call, because you’re sure to get a call. This will be a Valentine’s Day present your special guy won’t soon forget. Send a Pantygram for $24.95 plus shipping by going to The panties in the pantygram are just part of the message experience only, so if you’re looking for uniquely beautiful intimate apparel in Atlanta then check out The Blue Corset Co. at Lenox Mall next to Neiman Marcus.

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  1. Dana says:

    I think that’s a very sexy gift! I will share with some friends. Thanks for finding this.

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