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50s dress and earrings, sunglasses and head band from Psycho Sisters and straw handbag from antique store in Roswell, Ga.

I have an annual costume party that Tim and I attend coming up soon and this year’s theme is — wait for it — vintage beach. Now with some further investigation we’ve heard that we should think Frankie and Annette in “Beach Blanket Bingo,” Gidget and her surfer friend, Moondoggie and 50s and 60s retro style. Now for some of my younger reader, you’re thinking I’m speaking a foreign language and asking yourself, did she mean widget or Gidget and who the heck were Frankie, Annette and Moondoggie? These names would drive most to try to catch them on a Turner Classic movie, but for me and this costume party it drove me into a world that I truly hadn’t investigated before: the vintage/consignment stores.

There’s an array of vintage/consignment stores in Atlanta where you can purchase uniquely beautiful to lovely worn pieces of the past. Here are a few stores worth mentioning, so please share others that you may have some personal experience by making a comment today.

The Clothing Warehouse — One Atlanta location in Five Points, but they also have other Southern locations in Savannah, Jacksonville, North Carolina and South Carolina.

The Lucky Exchange — Vintage and some new. Two locations in Atlanta on Ponce de Leon and Moreland Avenue.

A fun find: vintage earrings with the original screw backs

Psycho Sisters — Four locations, but I really like the Sandy Springs location off Roswell Road. The owner is always very helpful and it’s easy to park. I’ve found the Five Points location to feel claustrophobic and very difficult to shop. I haven’t been to the other two locations which are on Piedmont Avenue in Atlanta and in Cartersville, Ga.

Rag-O-Rama — This has a feel of a neighborhood consignment store. I’ve personally never found what I’m looking for here, but it might be worth investigating based on what you’re looking for in clothes and accessories. Located in Five Points.

Stefan’s Vintage Clothing — It’s the oldest vintage clothing store in Atlanta located in Five Points and specializes in vintage clothes made in the 1900s through 1970. – Post Note: Closed in 2013

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2 Responses to “Vintage in Atlanta”

  1. Jaymie Lewis says:

    LOVE the chocolate chip cookies and in process of getting my recipes in order. Thanks so much for all the help and info. Love the bog!!!!
    Jaymie (good friend of Kate and Johns, some of my fav. poeple!!!!! )

  2. Kay Bailey says:

    Great outfit my beautiful daughter—who would have ever thought that my high school era would be considered vintage.

    I certainly don’t feel old.

    Love you,


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