Happy St. Patrick’s Day. In celebration of this day, I’d like to share my favorite Atlanta bakery because they make those fabulous seasonal-themed sugar cookies, like the shamrock and flower cookies for this time of year. Bunnies for Easter, pumpkins for Halloween, Christmas trees … you get it. Rhodes Bakery is a family owned and operated business that’s been in Atlanta since 1930 — now that’s a business that can stand the test of time. They produce more than just my favorite sugar cookies. They specialize in cakes for all occasions, petits fours (1 1/2” and 2” square), chocolate with that delicious real custard filling, and salt-rising rolls. It’s all to die for. Two locations: their oldest location at 1783 Cheshire Bridge Road, Atlanta, 404.876.3783 (across from Woodfire Grill) and their newer location — relatively new in comparison to 1930 since it opened in 1997 —at 880 Holcomb Bridge Road, Suite B120, Roswell, 770.649.1119. Open Tuesday – Saturday, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. www.rhodesfamilybakery.com

Rhodes Bakery’s seasonal-themed sugar cookies

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