Tim and I started the new year with a long walk on the beach during a little vacation time in North Carolina. While taking a long walk down the beach we also pick up trash — our civic duty. When I spotted a bottle up on the beach I commented that we’d pick it up on the way back. Upon our return, I spotted the bottle again and walked up to pick it up. What we found was a Snapple bottle with a message and a little blue rubber duck inside. We carefully pulled out the message that read as follows:


Message in a bottle with little blue duck

Whoever finds this … it’s December 28th 2014. By now anything that’s going on in the world, you can easily just look up online. :)  I will spare you all the details … rather, I will ask you if you are happy? If not, I sincerely encourage you to BE HAPPY! Do what makes you happy. Also, in reading this I really encourage you to pay it forward. Simply, just do something nice for someone. That’s it. It’s so easy. Then, just ask someone else to pass the good along. Hope you’re living the good life. :)  Oh, yeah, it would be really cool if you could contact me if you find this. My name is Bridgette … you can find me at xxxxx@gmail.com … Keep being you!

Peach, Love & Happiness! From 2014

Love Bridgette

P.S. Carolina Beach in North Carolina!

Well this just brightened our first day of the new year. Tim said it was such a creative way to connect with another person who shares the same stars.

Upon returning to Atlanta and getting back into the swing of things, I finally emailed Bridgette and within my email to her I shared our New Year’s day walk and finding her bottle that probably only traveled less than 10 miles before finding its way to shore. Here’s part of what I shared with Bridgette.

We are happy and we did ‘pay it forward [and] do something nice for someone’ as you said. I thought about you when we went to Costco last week and purchased $200 worth of can goods and staples for our church’s in-house food pantry in Atlanta, Georgia, where we live. Our food pantry is open three times a week and with no questions asked about why someone might be there, our church allows those in need to come up to three times a year and get a bag full of groceries. It helps a lot of folks in need to get over a temporary hurdle.

Now to my readers, I don’t condone throwing trash into the Atlantic Ocean or any ocean but it was a fun way for Bridgette and her group of young women friends on vacation to reach out with a positive message to another person. Reach out to someone in your community in need this year and just do something nice for someone.


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3 Responses to “Message in a Bottle with a Little Blue Duck”

  1. Carolyn House says:

    Wendy, I love the story. And you and Tim did a very nice thing in follow up… Hope to see you – still time on the loop. Will be back to the boat probably in a week in Aplatchicola. 700 miles to go.

  2. Michele says:

    What a great New Years story. Both you and Tim are always doing wonderful things for so many people.
    I am sure your church appreciated your generous donation

  3. Angie Clawson says:

    Hi Wendy,
    Happy New Year!! I loved reading this story about how you started your new year off. What a great way to encourage others to do nice things for their community and each other.

    I’d like to also say thank you for continuing to show support for the Atlanta Community Food Bank by having our logo on our site. :-)

    Best regards,

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